Gyaniji Ad Post – Fraudulent Activities – Negligence towards legal system

I do not think Our Indian Consumer Complaints have of any value!! And I think the officers does not understand the desperate and neediness of aspirants in India. Hardly any of the complaints are attained. Not just “”Gyanijiadpost”” but there are several such website which trick the public in to this. I think they have become experts in cheating people so fearlessly that they do neither care for complaints nor for the law never for the courts!!
They have deceived me for online Data entry job taking the deposit amount, despite of asking several times they did not mention any conditions as rules as such, and website is silent on those matters totally, it also mentions that “it is not a target job”. But after taking the deposit amount, they have sent the pdf titled rules and regulations. That copy is totally beyond the expect-able conditions, Since, the rules was sent after the deposit amount it gives me the right to reject the same and claim back my deposit, as some one above has mentioned, they do not respond.
How well practiced they are in adopting the illegal practices that they send the rules and regulations after depositing the amount!! How does that make me complete the contract, when I am not interested in accepting those rules and regulations? they are so well-versed at manipulation and adopting tricks!! I have decided not to send them the completed work, because if I send it is an implication that I accept to their rules. Hence will not be performing the task being result of a voidable contact.
I am requesting here but I do not expect the Consumer board in reality interested in consumers/general public/victims!! But, respecting the Indian legal system, I sincerely request for help in this matter to take action against them- The “Gyaniji Ad post”, and I must get back my deposit amount. There are so many scams openly running in India that I have lost any expectation from the Indian Government anymore. But atleast the Authorities are well educated, I believe they understand and help us. Dear Authorities, please help…
I have also sent them a Legal Notice, but till date there is not reply for the same!! It is because they are so well versed in those kind of fraudulent activities, because the legal system of India does not care about the victims of these kind of open frauds. I am filing this complainant here sincerely requesting you to address the issue ……..

I also request the other victims to contact me in order to send the evidences/ proofs of victimization, so that I can use them in the court of against them.
Thank you
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