Gyanijiadpost – No. 1 Fraud Company

We paid Rs.1600 (Silver Plan) for Offline Typing Job. Am coming from Poor family. I thought of doing this offline data entry job, using that money I planned to continue my studies. I borrowed this money from one of my friend. If I could use that money for my fees… I would’ve grown up. Instead I took this wrong decision to invest and earn through which I can continue my studies. This is my blunder mistake which every one should not do. This should not happen to my enemy also. Please do not believe this and do not invest on this. They’ll attend our call and even call us until we pay the money for them. As soon as they got our money… they’ll disconnect our call… If we call from different number, they’ll attend but if we ask the status of that log in details… They’ll simply say wrong number and disconnect the call… Students and job seekers please do not invest on this. and its customer care number is 08737993538… Please do not invest on this as this is No:1 Fraud Company

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  1. absolutely correct,gyanijiadpost is a fraud company since more tahn one week i tried for broze plan which according to them is free for housewives only.i am housewife,i dont have money,i just wanted to start,every time when i called customer care number they ask my plain and avoiding me,one day i agree for silver plan,immedietly they got agree!

  2. thanks a lot guys , i was going to take diamond plan , but i thinked that before i take any plan i need to check about this site , when i checked i found above your coments , thanks a lot guys for saving me from this fraud , i don’t know why police is not catching this type of blunder and fraud

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      1. Abhilasha Srivastava

        Thanks sir, That u have published this message to all. Thanks a lot. I was also planning to invest with this company. I have switched on my pc to register with this company at this time but i saw ur aid on google immediately. I have also file a complain against a company named softech solutions in delhi . I submitted 1800 with this company and done the work but they have rejected my work having minor mistakes. Plz help me to file a complain against this company what should I do?

  4. Guys,
    Same situation happened with me. I’v joined free bronze
    Plan. But they didnt send me any plan or package. But when
    I agreed for silver plan worth rs-1600 they agreed after depositing
    money they didnt pickup my call and not sent any work package.
    . After 1 month’s continue surfing i got a link of a company named SYNERGY INTERNATIONAL LTD.
    This is good company which provide good weakly payment. Friends plz dont waste your money my name is ashu khan you can call me 24 no. is-09424929586. God bless to all

    1. Please Also Advise Me For Home BAsed Job As I Am Also Interested To Do Home Based Data Entry Job To Earn Some Money For My Expense.

  5. after reading this blog about the company its an eye opener. i was seeking some part time job and was about to purchase a package of data entry job work in this fraud company. thanks for saving my money from fraud.

  6. Manabendra Chandra

    Dear friends, thanks very much for all the comments in this column. You have saved me from registering in this fraud company. Pl take note that another fraud company is massonlinesolutions. They have cheated me with Rs. 300/- in the same way.

  7. Real Address Of It’s Owner :
    Shubham kumar maurya
    Village Barain,
    Post-Barain chirai gav
    Uttar Prasesh,221007
    Tel. +91.08115525908

  8. i have opted for silver plan i.e,. 1600/-. they have sent me some work of 200 images which have to be completed in 10 days. and i hardly worked upto 11 p.m in d night for ten days. n i have submitted the work in ten days.. n i have waited for the payment… but i have not yet paid. and also no error report was sent to me. it was so horrible that i have lost 1600/- and lot of struggle. and here is the work i have done

  9. thanks for all your comment about this website
    for save my time and money .
    i am strictly alert for all users please do not invest any single rupees to this fraud data entry , online jobs from home and etc and make money easy.

    its schemes all look like dreams but the reality is break your all dreams and cheat your trust to
    any other online easy money making jobs,

  10. i also invest in silver sms sending plan.ubtil to pay money they attend the cal after that i didnt attend my call.they cheated me.nw nly i know it is a fraud company.i lost my money.for my studies only. i joined in this

  11. Friends don’t get said if realy want to get money so please try once resister your number and get money without any investment realty friends I get 100 rupee talktime because that site don’t give any cash they give only talk time.