hemsmail.com – cheater`

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I believe in above complaints, hemsmail.com is a cheater, I have paid them 6000 rupees for one month service, they took at least 4 days to set up smtp server for me and it was on Friday, so I didn’t email for two days because Saturday and Sunday, when I started campaign on Monday, I was able to send a few email, and later none of the emails were sent, I informed first day, and I informed to a lady Phuspa, was my account manager, but got a reply back like server is working, and I told her I try one more time and if it doesn’t work then I need my money back, she said fine, and next day is same problem, and I called Phuspa and she told me that they were on Holiday for two days, ask me to get back after two days, I contacted back after two days, and I was asked to contact billing team, I did and they said I am not eligible for refund, I got the reason because we have got to inform them within three days. Now, all you crooks, how can I give my reviews within three days when you were not able to set up a server within three days, who’s fault it is? Therefore, I decided to teach lesson to this guys, so I opened page in facebook, and I open in all social network if I don’t get my money back.


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