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Reported By: SaniaG

Contact information:
Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates

To the customer service manager,

Let me point out how terribly I’ve been misguided by the HK airport staff. This is my 3rd visit to HK with the same online pre-arrival form I use as an Indian national. After queuing for 40 minutes, flying 8 hrs from Dubai, I was refused entry because there was no space in my name. Because your staff have no idea that Emirates exist, I was sent to E1 then information desk who sent me to W1 (which mind you is very far) then back to E1 by the lady who was rude, impolite and insensitive. I was then asked to fill the onlin form again- solely from my phone with a warning that if I cant do so- I will be sent back. Where is the courtesy with your staff?? Is this how you offer to “service/ help someone”?!. Condescending attitude and tone when talking with no element of remorse?!?!
This is absolutely pathetic service while I wasted 2.5 hours at your airport for something that could have been done in 5 minutes. Your lack of service ruins the reputation of Hong Kong!

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