HR Empower Consultancy – completely fraud

This HR Empower Consultancy is completely a fraud, Bogus and what they peoples are doing is completely unethical. The Owner of this Consultancy Miss Vanshita she’s a bitch….

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  1. hi friends … I have also been cheated fro this fake bastard consultancy. Aur mujhe ap logo ki madad chahiye.. I’ve a plan jisse hum sabke pasie wapas mil sakte hain..
    I’m planning to file a case against them aur jiske liye I need all of you whose have been cheated from this bitch. Ap sabke naam aur receipt chahiye mujhe.. And definitely we will win the case.

    Please contact me at [email protected]

  2. Hi friends.
    I have also been cheated from this fake bastard consultancy. And I need help from all of you who has been a victim of such trap.
    I’ve a plan by which we can get ur money back but for that I need your help.
    Please understand that writing review will not help us and also will not stop them from cheating others but doing something smart will definitely force them to stop their fake business.

    So before I could start I need the contact number along with your name and receipt that you got from them after paying the money in my below email id:

    [email protected]