HRPS Consultancy RT Nagar – HRPS FRAUD

These guys are unbelievable. Their office is more like a call center with 20+ employees on their phones repeating the same lines to lure the students. Its an ellaborate scam and a total fake. 4000Rs gone down the drain. How do these cheats sleep at night? They are shame to the name of Muslims and should very well know that they cant get away with it. I’m considering Police Action.

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  1. hrps consultancy is a fraud consultancy. Dont go and waste your parents hard earned money . i am ready to go to police station who ever want to go please contact through my mail [email protected].

  2. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE CONSULTANCY. Its more like brothel with prostitutes, the biggest of them being Tania She’s a black ugly whore waiting to take your money. Guys BEWARE, ITS A SCAM HRPS IS FAKE.

  3. Totally agree with you bro. How do these cheats sleep at night. On one hand the students are suffering and these people are sucking on the students blood. HRPS is a SCAM.