– No refund from the Fraud company Named ""

Sir, this is Indranil Ghosh; Mob No- 8906014243. I bought a mobile Brand: XOLO Q2100 on 14th Nov, 2014 from through my father’s AXIS BANK DEBIT Card in online. The company informed me that the product will be dispatched within 2-5 days. But, they couldn’t. On 19th Nov, 2014 their representative Krishna Pai mailed me that “we would like to inform you that the ordered product is out of stock because of which we could not ship it. We will get you the stock for the same within 2 days.” 2days had already gone but they could’t ship the item. Ultimately, I claimed for the refund on 21st Nov, 2014 to the customer-care. A mail came to my e-mail from [email protected] on 24th Nov, 2014 that “We have processed your Mulya Shopping Pvt Ltd refund for order with the reference WSINIAHNH.” And I saw in my Mulyashop online Account’s status that the money is refunded on 24th Nov, 2014 and they gave me a pdf file that I attached with it with the Invoice No:
#IN001359. But, when I checked my father’s bank account, I saw there had no refund Rs. 10829/- from on 24th Nov. Then, I again mailed to the company for the refund; then a mail came from [email protected] and informed me that “As per your request for refund, we hereby refunded your transaction amount in full. Ideally, the amount will reflect in your account in 3 working days in case your issuer bank is private or SBI, else may take up to 12 working days in case of nationalized bank or until your next billing cycle. Mulyashop, unfortunately has no influence on these timescales post refund is processed.” But, till today I didn’t get the refund. If I don’t get the refund within 2 days, I will lodge a FIR against this fraud company’s CEO and their representative Krishna Pai who gave me totally false promises. Pls, take stern steps against this fraud company.15_12_m_1 15_12_m_2

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