– Online Part Time Job Fraud

Reported By: Lavanya

Contact information:
https:// Delhi

They have approached me through Whatsapp and later gave one contact in Telegram to proceed for the part time job. I was asked to just simply click on heart symbol beside the products in Flipkart and get paid for every like. Later the merchant task were introduced and I have believed in them as every member in the group was participating. Now they are saying the account is freezed and to unfreeze I have to pay more and more one after the other. I have lost 1.3L like this and still my funds are struck up in that Mall account. Please help me get back my money.

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  1. Initially they contacted through what’s up later messaged with telegram…and told that it’s part time work job asked to some small tasks like likes ,light up the hearts in Flipkart or Amazon on line items for that each task they paid100rupees and second day 3 tasks given in that 2 likes,and 3 Rd task they have given some orders and asked to select for payment.after payment with profit they given back to UPI ID.

    They ask me to do payment of INR5110, I did later They frozen my account saying that wrong purchase, The task manager guide me to do wrong purchase. To unfroze your account we have remedial process to do that again you have to pay 15860.

    My money got stuck with them this is big looting scene. Please help me to get my money back.

    Here below are the documents I am attaching for further reference. Kindly do needful.