— Payment not received – fraudaulantly taking monyey in the name of providing job

I got a call on 10 January 2016 from an executive called Ms. Himani from Human, mentioning that they got a reference from other sources about my interest in seeking employment and her organization can get a job from reputed orgnisations.

When I asked do they have my CV. She said no and I forwarded my CV. I also explained to her about my profile and asked her to call only when there is suitable vacancy for me. She asked me about the salary expectation and I said that it should not be less than Rs.30 lakhs per annum.

Ms. Himani said there are vacancy in KPMG and the salary will be around to my expectation and she can also organize interview from one more organization for safer side and I need to pay one time fee of Rs.10, 000/ towards registration fee only if the proposed employer is satisfied with my candidature.

She also informed that after payment of the registration fee that she would forward my application to the proposed employer and an executive from the proposed employer will be nominated for co ordination from their end.

When I asked for the terms and conditions for such registration and payment. she informed me that this payment is one time fee and will be valid till they place me in a suitable job. When I asked her to send a mail to that effect she sent an email. ( copy of the mail attached) They also informed me that they would refund me the money if they can not organize interview or job.

Based on their assurance I made the payment through the link provided by them which was Trigen soft solution and the transaction/ payment ID :87376979. on 11 January, 2016

Against that payment the customer support group send me a welcome note mentioning that my registration number is HM87376979.

Just after that I got a call from the same executive that I have to undergo an aptitude test and also they would verify the documents through third party, before nominating an executive from the employer side ( email was sent by them to this effect is attached)and asked me to pay Rs.29, 999/ further.

Again I got a call from Ms. Kavitha mentioning that she is working with M/s.KPMG and she has been authorized to conduct interview for the company she would organize the interview through skype on very next day, once make the payment.

I refused to make the payment on the ground that this was not informed to me earlier and I am not a graduate trainee to undergo ‘aptitude test’ when I have 30 years of functional experience.

I immediately sent an email to their customer support and to the executive personal email id himani@human asking to refund the money immediately.

So, afar I have written three mails. But I have not received any reply from them.

It is only new way of exploiting the anxiety job seekers to their advantage.

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