Icreon – Company Not Bad But Peoples are Bad

Hi All!, I was also associated with Icreon about 4.5 years. My Experience with Management like Himanshu, Umesh, Jasmin and bit with Sandeep is fine. But people like Lisa, Mandeep, Sandeep Pande, Ajit are worst peoples of this organization. Lisa and Ajit are zero in technical knowledge. Lisa always busy in thinking because she didn’t got Married. Ajit never free from taking Alcohal in office premises too. Sandeep pandey is very worst man of this organization who don’t have even 10 % of technical knowledge neither way of talking. I can’t believe how himanshu trust on this guy. I have a reason.Sandeep pandey always bowing the head before himanhsu as i get info from resources.he always carry 2 or 3 people for their help like Jai Verma and Vineet Singh. Jai Verma is more duffer(bewakoof) than sandeep pandey, he is a India first cheap guy after sandeep pandey. Vineet Singh is the bone of SEO Dept as i think. In Previous there are few Important guys in this dept. like Mahavir singh and Vijay Verma, Rakhi but they leave the Organization due to politics in this dept. Finally i came to know whole seo dept. under the notice period means Himanshu Going to shut the door of SEO. I think this step should be taken by Himanshu Sir earlier. But Finally he take..It will be appreciable.Few Peoples are also in this organization which are sitting idle like Arunish Sood, rohit katyan, Gaurav Sirvastava, dharmendra singh, sanjay dwivedi etc. Himanshu Need to refine these guys if really he want to grow.

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