illegal construction – Local Resident / illegal construction at 219, chattarpur enclave, ph-i

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Reported By: chtr_delhi

Contact information:
illegal construction

The commissioner of delhi
Municipal corporation delhi
Subject: harassment & unauthorised/illegal construction
Respected sir/ma’m
I would like to draw your kind attention to above mentioned subject,

I wanted to bring it to your notice house no. Mr. Dalal from a-219 at chattarpur enclave, phase – i, maidangarhi road behind vrinda play school is constructing 5 floors and their balconies is quite wide,
Such construction is in greed of more rent and money, without thinking about other safeties as behind this there is a kid school and it is threat for everyone. Immediately you should stop and demolish it.

Please keep my identity unknown as this owner of this building is local goon and can hurt me. As he is very abusive and corrupt government official.


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