Imapp Info Solution Pvt Ltd – ditched client of IMAPP

I am also a one of the ditched client of IMAPP. We are starting a campain to make a group of people duped by this consultancy and will bring them to justice. We need a strong case so we want to have more and more people.

Kindly share your contact detail with me.

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  1. Friends, please stay away from Imaap.Imaap.Manish Kumar and Pradeep Shukl both are fraud. After getting several calls from Sakshi, I send total amount of 36500 to Imaap fofor overseas placement. Every time they asked for different document those nobody can produce.produce . We have to be together to take legal steps against I’m app. They are 3rd graded cheater and after paying the money they will not do anything. The main fraudsters are Manish Kumar. , pradeep shukla, manpr et. . prer na and saSakshi. Sakshi quit her job after taking money from . They are conducting fake interviews and test.test . I am arranging all documentary proof to file a complaints against them to higher autority and police also yto ministry.ministry . They are not ready to payback my . I have spent more than 3000 for calling them.them . They should be behind the . If you disturb the lady staffs then they will complain to police against you and same they did with one of the victims.victims . We should take steps so that nobody should be in the trap of imaap in future.