Immigration Overseas – This is a note for our genuine aspirants-


This is a well known fact to everyone that Social media is a powerful medium which has got many professional & personal advantage. These days, to cause damage to a business anybody can easily do so simply by going online and harming them by posting various defaming & poor comments.

The complaints you viewed online in different consumer forums have been investigated and found to be unfounded. We also came across the fact of similarities in IP addresses that would lead us to believe that many entries were written by the same person under various names. These comments are coming from posters who haven’t even used our services. If these complaints had any basis we would not be in operation from last many years with the success rate of 99.2%. To experience the same in reality the aspirants may walk in to our office premise as well. The larger processing of applications with a high success rate is exposing us to feedback – Positive (from the achievers) Negative (Can be group of competitors). Resulting to that, the majority of these complaints are all posted by small number of individuals or replicated by competitor’s intent or tarnishing the name of Immigration Overseas.

Immigration Overseas is an Immigration Law Firm accredited with the professionals of ICCRC, MARA & BCI to name a few. Therefore, your applications are & will be completely on the safer hands. Please avoid seeing these rumors & false statements which may distract you to take a right decision towards your possible visa application.

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