India Flower Gift Shop ( – Failure to Deliver, Rude Customer Care, Act of Negligence

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to raise a Consumer Complaint against online gift shop “” and their customer support agents “Raehan” & “Gyas”.

For my father’s 60th Birthday, I had ordered a Double Numeric Cake and candles from them worth INR 3419/- on the 30th October 2013 and had requested a delivery on the 02nd Nov 2013 at 8.30AM. Order Tracking ID: “vmaRjI”. Since this was a special occasion and I want to make sure nothing goes wrong, I spoke to the shop’s customer care on the 30th Oct 2013 before placing order to verify if they can meet this delivery requirement. The customer care agent “Raehan” did confirm that they can delivery at 8.30AM as per my requirement.

Based on his confirmation, I had placed the order and again spoke to “Raehan” to let him know that the order is in the system. He checked all details and confirmed that it would done as requested.

On the 01st Nov 2013, the online tracking for my order showed “processing”, hence I called customer care and spoke to “Raehan” to make sure there is no issues. He did recheck my order and confirmed that everything is going fine and would be delivered per my request.

On the 02nd Nov 2013, the cake was not delivered at 8.30AM and I waited until 11.30AM. The cake was not delivered and everybody back home including my relatives were very disappointed because they couldn’t celebrate my Father’s 60th Birthday.

In so much vain, I called the gift shop customer care and spoke to “Raehan” to check the status of my cake. At that instance, both “Raehan” and “Gyas” did not have any update where the cake was and said it may be delivered by 5.00PM in the evening. If not, they asked me to call them once again after 5.00PM. On the top of it, Raehan was so rude over to phone and even disconnect my call twice in order to avoid me. The kind of customer support was pathetic and both the customer care agents were very rude in their action and words. At last “Raehan”rudely slammed the phone on me saying “if you want wait until 5.00PM for your delivery, nothing could be done and you can do whatever you want to do.’

In a nutshell, my cake order online was not delivered and the customer care and the customer care agents “Raehan”and “Gyas” ill- treated me over the phone when I was checking for the status. After so much struggle, we couldn’t celebrate my father’s 60th birthday and it was so disappointing.

I have attached the order confirmation and payment confirmation emails as proof. Please let me know if anything else is required. As a compensation for this ordeal, I would like to compensation of INR 15,000 for all the hardship they had put me through and action to be taken against customer support agent “Raehan”.

Rozareo John
Address : HC-703 Annanagar Post

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