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Indo Asian Acedamy – Migration Transfer Issue

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Reported By: American Boy

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Indo Asian Acedamy

Nursing department ( Sri Rukmani college of Nursing) at Indo Asian college is demanding us that we pay 3 year fees amount to receive the original certificates and NOC. The reason we have opted for Migration Transfer is that there are hardly 2 students ( Excluding us) in the 2016-17 batch and out of those two students also, unfortunately for us they donot turn up for the class and they have failed in 4 subjects. We are just 2 of us in the class and as you can imagine there are many issues we have to face on a day 2 day basis, be it coaching, facilities, training and over all since it is 2 girls in the class it is also a social security and safety concerns as we are not localities and don’t have anybody to address our concerns and grievances to in Bangalore.

Indo Asian college of nursing has a history they harass students specially from North East and Nepal. In the past few years ( 2015-2018) North East government has blacklisted this college due to frequent complaints as many students have faced challenges with indo Asian and left this college without completing the course.

We are not from well off families and have a huge burden on us to perform and have great hopes and aspirations in life, though we have scored over 76% marks we feel our college life is a failure and we are dejected and depressed because we cannot pay the requested amount to get the NOC and collect our original documents.

I am hoping you will look into the matter and provide justice for these two girls in ensuring that their carrier is not ruined.


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