Infosys – Fraudulently Ceased Salary by Infosys

I am Himani Kumar working with Infosys BPO division (Process – BT Wholesale). I was forcefully asked to put down my papers at Infosys on 25th October because the process BT Wholesale was not in a good condition. And when i have asked my manager (Zuber) and HR (Sheney G) that i’ll serve my notice period then they asked me not required. So, i left the company on the same day. I have received my Salary slip but it was not credited to my account (well i have a proof with me) and finally after 45 days they have sent just Rs 2000 as a final settlement. Such a cheap company that just have an infrastructure and know how to fool their clients and employees.

I’ll give you the account number and just take back the money and give it to Infosys ( i think that company needs money much more i do).

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