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Same thing happened to me yesterday, i.e. on 12.07.2019 when I purchased a smartwatch .But after going through Google, I could realise my mistake to consider as good online marketing site .But while trying to contact them on telephone, I found no number and immediately I resorted to cancel my order showing the reason that I have purchased the smartwatch mistakenly and instantly one message popped up that the order is confirmed and would be sent by courier within next 4 or 5 hours. I was astonished to find their response and to I again tried to cancel the order but a message popped up that the material is on transit.
This is gross violation of the rights of customers and invariably I would like to lodge a complaint against the fake online seller with you for necessary course of legal action against them for duping online customers by resorting to cybercrime.
Aloke Kumar Basu.

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