INNOVATIVE CONSULTANT, Vytilla – Fraud agency and total waste of money

I got graduayed this july and was looking for a job in core industry. I registered in several websites and the one day these people called me and told me to regisyer with them. Little that i knew about them i went to vytilla and registered with them.Right after registration they told me that there will be an aditional refundable 6000rs. On the very next day they called me telling that there is 5 interviews waiting for me and then told me to pay that 6000 ASAP. I paid the money very next day and they they gave me a paper which thy told me was a recommendations from their agency. Then after that there was no call from them ,no job notification none whatsoevr. I tried calling them but they hang up or tells some lame excuses. After three months i applied for the refund and then the twist came. They told that it will take atleast another 4 months to get the refund. The women sitting in their head office havent even heard of the word “shame” . The women even tried to threaten me telling that i wouldnt get the money back. Finally i told them if theu dont refind by a week i would call the labour office and make things worse for them. Lucky i got my 6000 rs back. Never register with an agency which takes money first.

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  1. I had registered in this consultant and paid the service charge on June 2015 but till the date they didn’t arranged any interview and job for me…. Innovative consultancy is a very fraud and cheating agency don’t pay any Money to them…

    1. Innovative consultancy no1 fraud consultancy… I too have lost ma money ,when i call them for refund theyr ending the call with silly excuses .. Anup plz help me if possible…… Plz…

  2. I also registered there on last week..and now i got a call to pay 6000 it really a fake??? did I get back my registration fee 600