Interskapez – kept our apartment keys

Reported By: GauravBasuRoy

Contact information:
Bangalore, Karnataka,

We are the owner of apartment Brigade Panaroma G-0055.

For the interior work we had given the contract to InterSkapez. SInce we are in USA and cannot be present there in person we had entrusted a pair of keys to them for their access and ease of work. As it also not feasible for family members to be there in person everyday.

The issue is that they took the entire payment (98%) , but the work is not as per design and they have dirtied the apartment.
When this has been pointed out to them, they have come down to hooliganism and rowdism. They have kept the keys and are threatening not to return the same.

This is a huge security threat!

Company Name: Interskapez

Pallavi Shekhar – +919886721034
Ashitha Gatty +919513679724
Manjunath +917975294491

1 thought on “Interskapez – kept our apartment keys”

  1. Mr Gaurau basu roy and Mrs Pramodini basu

    would be appreciated if you could have written an email and for any of your concerns. similarly we would be very happy if you could have responded positively about the final dues of 20,000/- which we were demanding and you were refusing to pay and finally you took a chance to post in the internet to save your 20,0000-. For us the loss of 20,000/- is controllable but the damage you did in this case is not controllable . More over, huge damage to our reputation.
    So, business people should not ask for money which is due to them, the clients like you use this internet platform to damage their/our reputation without looking our consequences and results. If there is any such issues you could have written an email communication with all your concerns and your expected solutions. On the other hand you could have initially legal course of action which is at your liberty. Rather, you used with a malafide intention to damage our reputation in the market, ALSO PUT OUR PRIVACY UNDER RISK BY SHARING OUR NAMES AND CONTACT NUMBERS. So, it is very clear that your intention is not to pay 20,000/- to us and more damage the reputation also put us under serious threat.
    Therefore we are initially appropriate legal course of action against you through our legal team immediately. You being in USA , How can you forget about WOMEN SAFETY by showing their identity in the internet along with the contact details.
    We have internally review their comments several times, finally we came to an opinion that the appropriate actions needs to be initiated against you. Freedom to speak does not indicate, freedom to put others in RISK.
    If you could able to withdraw comments from the site, request you to take action immediately. And also, please make arrangement for payment of Rs. 19,947/- through your representative .
    If you cannot do so please initiate withdrawing your comments unconditionally soon. In the worst case kindly send us an email with conditional apologies forthwith. in case no communication as aforesaid is not seen from your WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS , we will be initiating the appropriate legal action against u and your wife through our legal team.

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