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Intex cloud style 4G Mobile – service issues not rectified for last 6 months – Cash refund request – reg

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Reported By: e.senthilkumar elumalai

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Intex cloud style 4G Mobile

Please note that we have bought Intex cloud style 4G Mobile on 6th August 2017 for Rs. 5800/- at Honey Mobiles, Tambaram Chennai-45. (IME No. 911560501954649).
From the day 1 we face issues with the mobile such as 1.No network coverage, 2. Mobile hangout often 3. When we using net suddenly i received a message like “Intex Service unfortunately closed” apps closed automatically. Google backup has not happened even though setup alone “Ask every time” commend given for sim selection however mobile selects any of the sim of its own like many issues faced.
So, we gave the mobile to the intex service center on 18.09.2017 – they did software update and give back to us, again we faced the same issue. So on 25.09.2017 we took it to the service center again they took a complaint under (709186945001T00i) more than 2 weeks they kept the mobile with them for mother board replace. After returning to us, we have faced the same issue which have stated before.
Since issue persists as the same, we contacted intex customer care executive Mr. Shanker – Emloyee Id 108003 on 18.11.2017 and explained all the issues faced from the beging he asked as to submit the mobile to the service center again to know the status of the mobile. As per his instruction we gave the mobile to the service center on 18.11.2017. Again they holed the mobile for more than 3 weeks for mother board change on 11.12.2017 I got the mobile and we facing the same issue the service persons did not replace the mother board or any one screw. within the 4 month period from the date of purchased it has been with the service center more than 1 month. on 19.12.2014 we conduct again Customer care Executive Mr. Vishnu explain again from the begging and i ask to give employ Id he didn’t given and again he told to me go to Service center.
On 20.12.2017 Mr. Sagar from Delhi conducts me and asked about email complaint. I told them full history, he told me again go to service center. On 21.12.2017 again I went to service center (Intex Technologies India Ltd., C/O Access Zone, No. 117/32/G3 Gandhi Road Ranganathapuram West Tambaram Chennai – 45. I handed over the mobile. Thereafter I send many mails to Mr. Sagar, till now I didn’t received any call from him. On 03.01.2017 I asked the service center person they told me ask customer care. Then I conduct customer care person Mr. Shankar from Chennai he told me the mobile is under progress. On same day I send sms to 9582943043, I get reply that the complaint tag No (709186945001T001) was closed, till now I didn’t get any call form you persons.
On 13.01.2018 I went to service center and received the mobile. On 20.01.2018 I am facing the same problem. on 25.01.2018 i give feedback complaint till now i didn’t get any feedback. I submit the mobile 29.01.2018 at 11.15 am till now the i didn’t revived any job sheet no. they only give temporary slip so now i call customer care person they give complaint No 80130VOC0029389. so pleas asses me to get my cash refund.

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One thought on “Intex cloud style 4G Mobile – service issues not rectified for last 6 months – Cash refund request – reg

  • Intex Technologies says:

    Hi Senthilkumar, We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re checking this with the service team and the needful will be done for you at the earliest. Kindly allow us 24-48 hours and we’ll get back to you. Please wait.

    Regards | Team Intex

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