iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited – Regarding Salary withheld and get mental harassment through Mr. Mahesh Babu Cherukuri (Mentor).

Reported By: Atul Kumar Gupta

Contact information:
iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited Bangalore

Mr. Mahesh (Mentor)putting fraud allegation on me and my career.

Mr. Mahesh you are always penning with other faculty members also when you are not satisfied or fulfilling your personal requirements, as you already know. When you have taken charge of the Head at ITM Vadodara Campus with Ms. Sneha Bose, Mr. Shivendra Dubey and myself (Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta),

Mr. Mahesh, you are simply making an accusation about me or my career when I am not present on campus because I am leaving right now. Otherwise, during my tenure from October 2021 onwards, you and other heads (i.e., Mr. Avinash Bundela and Mr.Jay Mehta) will not put any mark on my working environment and teaching methodologies. During last two semester sessions, every student, including first-year students, was impressed with my teaching style. Higher authorities of iNurture, i.e., Academic head and Vertical head, please be concerned about students and Purvi Mam. @Purvi Mam, please share the student feedback form in the form Google sheet without any changes to all higher authorities, so they know what capabilities I can share my behavior with students and other staff members.

Mr. Mahesh kindly put justification this kind of message as ” breech the critical and crucial information to the students .” You have been sharing questions and answers with all the students to crack the end semester exam, which was already known to every student in each semester, which had already reflected on their subjects. Please have request to higher authorities checked such marks in the examination department to see if I am correct or not.

Mr. Mahesh you have been assigning students to complete all official work on time. I already know this too. Mr. Mahesh you are not handling any professionalism and are very close to the students of BCA V Semester about all the important and important information with the students which everyone knows. If I am not eligible for teaching criterion then why the higher authority did not take any action or show cause notice during any working semester. It is just put an allegation on me and my career. Mr. Mahesh I can take legal action to you regarding such a mental harassment ” Mr. Atul just worked to finish the syllabus any how without thinking on the teacher’s ethical criteria”. Such complaining message is for every semester student what they are facing challenges regarding for only faculty appointment not for my teaching style. As already knows Provost and higher authorities of iNurture i.e. Academic head and Vertical head you have to put just only allegation on my career oke. “There are many complaints regarding your teaching techniques from students elaborating the way the tasks were finished”. Every unfair task assigned to me which is already on my mail.

No one can raise any questions about me through official channels, including students, the Provost, and higher authorities at iNurture, such as the Academic Head and Vertical Head. Mr. Mahesh you are responsible for making allegations against me or holding my August 2022 salary.

@Urvashi(HR) mam and other authorities, if you’re not satisfied my academic work then you are legitimate to terminate my academic work but I am not putting any resignation notice to you all.

@vinay sir and @paras sir I am already applied leave you know that when I am facing emergency in my home.

The Honorable Ashwin Ajila Sir and Sujay Nair Sir, Please take necessary action on such an issue as what I am facing at this time. My brother passed away on July 26, 2022, and my mother-in-law passed away on August 31, 2022. I am already applying on leave through email. But Mr. Mahesh made an allegation against me and withheld my salary. Sir, I am attaching my brother’s death certificate as a proof. I am the sole person in our family to take all the family responsibilities. But my work is discouraged by such an allegation against a good organization.


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