ITES WORLDWIDE SOLUTIONS is a fraud BPO outsourcing company. In its website R-05, GB Nagar, Sector 44, Noida UP adress is mentioned but it does not exist. If they are genuine person then why they mentioned wrong address?
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  1. One time ITES WORDWIDE SOLUTION WILL BECOME most 420 rating company in that India.all director will be in jail.

  2. Ites worldwide Bhilai is a fraud company.. following is details.
    1. They claim on their website that they are registered under indian companies act 1956 and their Corporate identity number is H79400HARYANA2012PTC071783, which is totally wrong.
    2. Their PAN CARD shows that they are a Firm and even this is registered on 28/01/2013.
    3. They are giving Rajasthan Pan card work, and claim that they are having 15crore data, but total population of Rajasthan is 7 crore only… LOL..
    4. They have same claim for M.P also.
    5. They claim that they have speed post work, But they did not even know that India Post is the govt body and speed post is only a service. India post will do any agreement with any company..
    Rest you can find on their website…

  3. Ites world wide solution of bhilai
    Mrs gulshan
    Mr.sujit banerjee changed his name rajeev they do the aggreement and take cash from vendor f

    or the project for outsourcing and no any such project is going on be aware with this company totally fraud