Ittina Mahavir – Eectronic City, Bangalore – Sell it before it is too late

Ittina Mahavir – Eectronic City, Bangalore – Sell it before it is too late

One day getting worse than the other. Ittina Mahavir is one of the worst property investments made. Builders have been selling at Rs 2000/- per sqft in 2012and selling at Rs 2500/- per sq ft in 2013. Residents are trying their best to sell at better prices.
All envy the surrounding buildings like Ajmera Infinity, Concorde Manhattan and GVK Ecosphere .. all good quality apartments.

The building in Ittina is so bad that it turned into prostitution joint in 2012 .. there was a police raid also as told by some of my friends who were staying in Ittina Mahavir on rent, needless to say they left the building for another apartment, one month later.

5th floor is illegally constructed as there is no approval for constructing more than ground + Four floors.

Punjab national bank is sending eviction notices to some residents whose flat is mortgaged by builder !!!

Why should anyone buy a property here.. !!! just google for Ittina reviews or ttina Mhavir review and you will find out.

Leakages are lavish, walls are damp causing heath and breathing problems. Mosquitoes .. plenty.
Most of the residents are desperately trying to sell and get their money out as the investment is not going up any more.
IT industry has a bit of recession and nobody is buying flats in Bangalore where water is scare and prices are sky high !!!

My personal advise.. do not buy in Ittina properties or Ittina Mahavir, Electronic city, Bangalore. Pay a bit more and go for another property which will give you peace of mind and avoid legal and health problems.

If you are holding Ittina property better to sell out at first opportunity and invest elsewhere or at least enjoy your money.

The Builder has not convened the property to the association .. the conveyance deed is not being signed by the builder. Who can now take action is the question !!!

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