IZEE Manpower Consultancy – Calling people for interview and then saying you don’y meet eligibilty criteria

I received a call from one of the recruiters from IZEE Manpower consultancy and she told me that they have an opening for the position of HR at Accenture. I told her that I have done B.tech in IT and have experience as a system admin. However, I have very good communication skills and would like to work as a HR. She shortlisted my resume and told that she sees a lot of potential in me and I must come for an interview within 2 days or the position will be closed. I received a call letter from her. Today, I woke up at 7 AM, traveled for about 2 hours from Kundalahalli to Shivaji nagar, Bangalore and when I reach, they made me wait for an hour. After that, they said that for the position of HR, they don’t consider people from technical background.. by mistake, the recruiter called me as she is new to that consultancy. I had to fight with my manager to get a leave for this interview and on top of that, i lost my incentives for the month as my availability will get a hit. Being end of the month, I had 300 rupees in my pocket out of which I spent 120 for bus pass and 30 for auto rickshaw to reach there just to hear .”You are not eligible” Why the hell did they call me then? It was disappointing, discouraging and truly unprofessional on their part.. Guys, never trust such consultancies.. they are a big waste of time and energy. You won’t believe the woman whom I met was so repent less that she told me that it cannot take me 2 hours to reach it is hardly one hour distance.. disgusting on her part to say that !!

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