Jaffi Estates Mr.Jawahar – Cheating and Torturing

Hi, our family were affected by Mr.Jawahar, Jaffi Estates company very much. lot of stress. Initially they talk very nice and after starting getting money from our side then they will started showing their real face. there are documents issues are there in their projects. when we know that we started backed out. our money is locked with this company not able to get back. They have strong connections with political people and gunda’s also. when we started asking for our money back they start sending gunda’s to our place and threatening us to pay the balance money and finish the deal fast. Not able to go to police because of the threatening from their gunda’s. they are saying ” even if you go to police nothing will happen because we have very good support from the political people “. Since we are from the middle class, we are not able to do anything against them. we are worrying about our family safety. there could be more are people affected by them but not able to do anything against them because of their political power and gunda’s support. But still we are having hope that we will get our hard earned money from them, how long these people will do these kind of activities, there will be end for everything, our family hoping for the best. If anything happening to my family then these people are fully responsible. Please find the details about Mr.Jawahar, Jaffi Estates http://www.jaffiestates.com/ JAFFI ESTATES No.1, Ezhil Nagar, Alathur, OMR, Thiruporur, Chennai – 603 110. Mobile : 93456 38323 | 98401 53322 Email : [email protected] Thanks Sri

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