Jessica Ackermann – SCAMMED – Selina from

Reported By: Jessica Sandra Ackermann

Contact information:
Jessica Ackermann Gauteng – Alberton

I was referred by a lady from to ‘Selina’ (account manager).
Looked impressive, professional, and promising of a pay out.
For my selected task I had to deposit R900.00 which I did, proceeded to complete the tasks and was then asked to deposit AGAIN R2800. By this time I was completely stressed out and was ascertained that there wouldn’t be more ‘top ups’ needed as I was almost done with the 4 tasks assigned to me. Needless to say, I than had to deposit another R5800.00! Which I did. It left me in shambles, very stressed out, concerned whether this was legit, Selina kept on pressing forward with me that I am almost done with my taks and once it’s completed I would cash out over 40k. Soon after this I was yet AGAIN told I would need to top up R15 650.00! So obviousy I couldn’t because by now my money was finished!!! So who sits with it all? THEM, and the bickering and nastiness from Selina, how apalling of a human being are you. Sick people. I want my money paid back to me and I WILL lay a case of fraud against this platform and Lisa and Selina!


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