– beware of this fourd

this guys took my rs 2599 and the told me that they have forwarded my resume to various company.before registration that guy(Aryan) told me that a opertunity in Singapore for a japan automobile industry with a salary of 2500SD and ask me to buy their big dum called magic band…..i was in their trap and i do the same through net banking….again the called me and ask to pay Rs3599….i say noo…..after that when ever i call them their altitude changes…so frnds beware of this fourd sss

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  1. Dear Sreejith,
    We have checked your profile you have purchased our service (Magic Wand) on 25th Sep 2014.
    As per the service we did forward your resume to several consultants, we also tried contacting you on several occasions mentioned below:
    6th Oct 2014, 10th Oct 2014, 15th Oct2014, 21st Oct, 28th Oct 2014 but there was no response from your end and unfortunately despite of repeated attempts we had to close your profile.
    We are committed to give customer utmost value for their money but there has to be equal response from the customer’s end.
    We thank you to let us know this and we would re-open your profile on 17th Nov 2014.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Thanks & Regards
    Team Job Assured