jupitor infotech – Fraud with me

I am Deepak Dhandhal and i received a call and mail from Jupiter info soft and told me you have selected customer and we are giving you 70% discount of any product which you selected. so i selected the Voltas window A.C. and then before 3days discussion with Mr. Sumit Malhotra and Miss Rashi Sharma told me to deposit 15% amount 4678 in the ICICI & HDFC account of shopandenjoy.in and remaining 15% after the delivery of product. So i deposit the amount 4678 on 21.3.2016 as they send the confirmation mail to me that they will give me voltas A.C. but after paying the amount as per their mail they are saying you are selected to car contest and you have to pay more money. so i said that i am not interested to car contest and i don’t want to pay more money and i only want my product as per your mail or even returned my money back. but after they are not sending my product. I have got the deposit slip and confirmation mail and also i have all the call recording with Jupiter infosoft as proof.The name of the person of the company is sumit malhotra, Rajveer,Sameer Sharma and Rashi Sharma the contact number is 01165120629, 09136097074, 116515604,09643751120, 1165120449. They all are Enmesh and cheat with people. So i request you to kindly solve my issue and ask them to give my product or money.

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