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i called just dial number “011-22222222” on september 02, 2013 from my number 9560902781 and asked for number of placement agency and got the following information on sms

“Dear Mr Saxena,

Please save Just Dial’s new number 08888888888 its cheaper to call this number

Placement Services For Maids (For Employers).

1.LSS Service Centre *** (4 ratings)
Model Town

2.Gurvinder & Company Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd *** (30 ratings)
Vijay Nagar

3.Shri Shri Balaji Maid Servant Bureau ***1/2 (9 ratings)

4.Monika Placement Services *1/2 (2 ratings)
Ashok Vihar,

5.Shri Om Sai Nursing Bureau ***1/2 (11 ratings)

6.Alpna Placement Services
Pahar Ganj

7.Samresh Placement *** (14 ratings)
Rani Bagh,

out of the above we contacted 6. Alpna Placement Services, Pahar Ganj on +919136373881on which one mr. patra answered and promised us that he has maid and can bring them over to our residence.

We hired a maid through him believing him that he is a genuine placement agent and we paid 23000/- in cheque.

Post clearing of cheque the maid provided by him started showing tortems and stated that she has been bought here on a false pretext that she will be hired as fiully trained where as per the agreement she is semi trained and was to be paid accordingly.

Hearing all this we contacted mr. patra and he promised that he will come to our home and sort out, but he did not turn-up on the promised day and when we contacted him again he didn’t pick up the phone and this has been going on for last 15 odd days, we even went to there office and found no one is present there .

we have gone ahead and logged a fir against him and his placement agency and what we under-stand from our own investigation is that they operate on multiple names , phone number and places.

we request your help in getting just dial answer how come this froud and untraceable person got listed on there site and help tracing this person and to recover our hard earned money as we got his contact through just dial and they seeem to be non responsive as mr. parta

amit narula
Address : ac 27 tagoregarden

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