Just Dial – JustDial Cheating

I had given the advertisement in Just dial in October, Executive without telling about ECS payment has got signature and seal of the company from me, and I also without noticing the contract about ECS fully has signed and given. Now they are debiting the amount without our knowledge in ECS. After debiting only I came to know this. Now I am asking to stop doing ECS. But customer service telling you have signed the contract for 9 months. We charge you for 9 months in ECS. We can not stop. This is actually Cheating only. They are not ready to cancel the contract and stop ECS. How to stop this. Please help to put a complaint in consumer court.

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  1. This is a froud comapny. I take paid Services from just dial. They had not give me any service or leads relevant my business and charged forcibly ecs payments through my account and they has not been stopping these ecs deduction from my account after so many request to atop that from me.
    Please tell me where I lodge the complanit against them…….