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Justdial Marketing Guys
I got a free listing for my company on Justdial….within 2 days I received call from their guys about their services and trying to convince me to convert my free to Paid listing…. when I asked them about how many enquiries they get related to my services…they gave me some number…. (later on I got to know that they show some fake numbers on their excel sheet and thatswhy they insist to come to your place and show you everything instead of writing in email)

But when I told them on phone that I will not do the paid listing now and call me one month later……the guy called me after one month and when I told him that if interested I will contact them….but he started arguing and when I politely tole him not to call….he kept on calling…I rejected his call about 10-12 time but he kept calling…finally I took the call and said… ” Are yo not getting hat I said…not to call me…how many times do I need to tell” and I disconnected the phone….. The bugger was calling from his mobile number and kept calling again and again to irritate me…when I again picked to say something….he tried insult me that if I cannot afford why you come to justdial and he is a bigshot and also some bad words which he was saying.(may be his fathers’ real names)..I disconnected again…but he kept calling….after few failed calls he did not call…but I want to complain about such bad behaviour which the Justdial.com is also encouraging to get sales….and they think that if one person complains, they do not have any effect since they have too many customers already….

That bas guy goes by name Rehan and his number is : 8767950318

I want a suitable action taken on such crap guy

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