K444.in – Online Part Time Job Fraud

Reported By: Gsksaddam

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One day i get massage from whatsapp for part time online job.
And he send me this link
https:// www.k444.in/#/pages/regist/index?code=488739

And create a id..
I do and get 60 rupees
I do everthing what he say ….
He say me for recharge of 100 and get then total 160
After that he gave me some product for buy …
The product price is 160 and get 240 …

Get 80 rupees benifit
Then transffer 240 in my account then he gave me some more benefit plan i choose 500 plan
And recharge
Then again he gave me some product to buy and sell
Then i get 750 rupees
Then all money transfer in my account by me

Then he offer me again a plan this time he say me to recharge 1500
And get more benifit
I do then he gave me costly product then i unable to buy then he say me complete the order to get benifit if you dont you loose all money
Then i recharge 5000 to complete order after that i am unable to complete all order then because in my wallet less amount …

Again he said me recharge and complete the order i tell him i have no extra money then he say borrow from friend and complete the order if you don’t you loose all money….

Then i recharge again 5000 ….

But when i complete one order hai gave me again 3 order…

Then i understand this is fraud…..

Then my all money are freeze and i am unable to get my money….

Please help me …

I send you his telegram id be cause he chat me on whatsapp and telegram



Please help me.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from K444.in.

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