Karsten Homes Pvt Ltd – Karsten Palm Groves for delay

Karsten Palm Groves are famous for delayed in construction, black cash, criminal world, and they problem you to give theflat keys. First they say all the expenses are clear, afterward when you go to bring to gether keys they will charge you unneccary penalties for delay of payment from the bank in case of they not showing the papers to the bank, where there is absolutely no fault of the clients. They don’t desire to talk about also about anything, they just say pay this some of the amount as penalty otherwise stop thinking about your keys. It is very depressing in a nation like india anywhere there are no rules and boundaries for this real estate market and builders, it’s the comman man who suffers and can’t even afford to charge them with a case which will go on for ever in india paying heavy lawyers fees with no conclusion for years. That’s why we need people Good leader to control this corruption but the roots are so strong that no one can do anything but just think of leaving this country and the system and going away to settle in a foreign country today.

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