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Reported By: Mhl91

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Dear all,

There is a scam going on in different society in bangloare where the guy called “josy mathew” is cheating people on the name of 5 year rental contract and on completion of wooden work.

Please don’t fall into any trap, he doesn’t have any company. He manages everything very smartly and run away with peoples money.

He has several non – bilable warrant against him but he is escaping everything as he is on an run.

Please don’t do any contract with him, whatever promising it looks like – it will be all fake and cheated.

Please search below in facebook “stayyingout” to know more about it.

Don’t get into trap, all good reviews you see here are given by he himself, he is master of cheat.


Message me for more.

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    Hi, is this resolved now – we are not able to reach Glen Fernandes who also operates under the name josy mathew. I had given my house at PLS for interior+rental, no news from them.Jb

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