Keerthi Builders Bangalore – poor quality construction and no show for pending works

This complaint is to inform all properous buyers to avoid buying any flats from Keerthi Builders. Your first impression during your first visit will be very good, but thats the trap. After all the flats are sold out, nobody from the builder side will show up or bother to complete pending works. They engage cheap labor for construction. No finishing done inside the flats. You have do everything yourself (cleaning the paint from switchboard, removing the cement/sand from window tracks, apply grout to tiles..and the list goes on… ) Lately, I have noticed cracks on the ceiling for a 6 month old building. Beware

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  1. I am another resident of the same apartment. Agree with the above comments. The work is only partially completed. Handover is not done. Builder not taking any responsibility for the upkeep even during the first year. All those tall promises have proved to be stories.


  2. completely agree with above comments. The engineers are sub standards. the finishing is poor. the materials are sub standard. After booking the flat you are left on your own to get it completed. I am a buyer and completely frustated with their approach. first they told Oct 2013 to be possession date. Later Jan 2014 and even in April they have not completed.