Kilpauk Precison Diagnostic center – Not satisfactory of US ABDOMEN & PELVIS scan-reg

Dear Sir

I would like to bring to your notice the following, Its really sad to note, the treatment at Kilpauk Precison Diagnostic center is really not good and it doesn’t meet the satisfaction of Customers/patients. The cost of treatments are much higher than the market (other centers) yet no satisfactory care.

Please note on 20th Dec 2013, I PAID Rs.1000 for US Abdomen and Pelvis as referred by Dr. Ilamparuthy from Mehta’s Hospital Chetpet for both side Pain (Kidney Stone), unfortunate, the practitioner (Mr. Bobji Kettay-Radiologist – 9841072156) didn’t mind to even check thoroughly even after my persistent request. For a name sake just touched here and there in the abdomen and to the extend dint even check the whole left side Abdomen portion & in the right side didn’t bother to check the behind or side-mid of abdomen, where there is a pain in both sides of abdomen. I am really sorry but felt to bring to your kind notice about such immature behavior of practitioner/med all centre Kilpauk, Chennai.

I am really not satisfied with your two page paragraph of reports mentioning standard write ups of normal finds though I have a pain at both side and have an Kidney stone history. I request your immediate intervene.

FYI – A month ago a report from your own Medall lab (different centre) says there is a stone at left side with fatty acid grade I, in liver – But the Kelpauk lab practitioner (Mr. Bobji Kettay-Radiologist – 9841072156) didn’t even concern to verify the left side of abdomen.

Further to surprise, the lab report is not even authenticated by the radiologist, rather the report is signed by the receptionist who deliver the report.

There has to be severe action to be taken against such mall practice in Health Industry where we truly relay up on such practitioners.

Could you please take corrective action and let me know the updates.

Mohamed Ashik

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