Kk Amazon Philippines – Please help me get the money back.

Reported By: Valerie

Contact information:
Kk Amazon Philippines The Three Ecom Center MOA Complex is located at: Harbour Drive, Three Ecom Center MOA Complex, 1500 Pasay City, Philippines.
https:// ooamazon.com/m/user/graborder

i was ask to put 2,000 to be in VIP 3 where i got 30 tasks and earn 2,500+ commission. But when i am on my 7th order it suddenly says that i need to pay 1,090 to submit the order because my 2,500 balance isn’t enough. I wasn’t aware of something like that because i wasn’t told before i put my money that i borrowed just to supposedly earn on that vip3, now i ask for help from them but they just kept telling me to pay that 1,090 pesos, i beg to give me back the 2,000 but they say they cant coz the tasks isn’t done. Please help me get the money back, its for school 😭😭😭😭 please help me!

How to file a complaint against Kk Amazon Philippines?

* Go to page
* Write Kk Amazon Philippines in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Kk Amazon Philippines.

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  1. Camille R. Torres

    I can’t withdraw our money, because of too much hidden charges… And now my recharges amount is higher than the commission i will get. Please help me return my money, I don’t need the commission, just give my money back.

      1. Thank you very much mam ❤️ i followed your instructions today i got email from company for refund they will refund in w days. God bless you 😘 this money was for my higher studies 🥺

      2. Good day ma’am. How many days did it took for the refund to take place? I’m kinda having trouble with my refund money until now they still are not refunding my money.

  2. Florence Calimaco

    Please help us to get our money back,me and my co-employees tried their platforms,that being a VIP and grab those products that will give us commission,we keep on recharging as per the team leader says that it will lead to us to a higher commission, unfortunately it didn’t happened,they didn’t give us our commission,we are hoping that you could help us get our money back.

  3. Florence Calimaco

    We’re hoping that you could pay attention to our complaints, if you’re not aware that some is using your platforms to gather money for the sake of their own.people like us who are in need of money get blinded with the commission that you are offering,it’s time to bring it back us!!!!