Reported By: Frieda

Contact information:
kkamazon and walmarthhamazon

KK AMAZON then changed to WALMARTHH AMAZON is a platform wherein I infused money to be able to finish tasks/orders for their company. However, while doing the task, I was also supervised by a “MENTOR” (Whatsup # +63 965-936-0315) and required me to infuse money to be able to fulfill the orders.

After infusing cash several times and finishing the tasks, I could not withdraw my money because I had to pay tax worth 60,875 pesos to account #0975-088-1248 (ALEXIS D) After paying the tax, their bank deactivated my account because of numerous questionable transactions-these were the reasons “MENTOR” gave me. Innorder for the bank to activate my account and for me to withdraw my money, I had to pay 30,000 pesos to finalize the transaction. I asked “MENTOR” if there were other charges I should expect. According to “MENTOR’, this was the last one.

And so I infused the 30,000 pesos to account #0955-453-3820 (ZARIETTA A)

After all these, the bank asked for another deposit of 70,000 pesos to activate my account. I got angry and complained to “MENTOR” but only got a reply that the only way I can activate my account and withdraw all my money is for me to pay 70k.

Several days, weeks, months have passed and “MENTOR” has not given an update regarding the money they used.

This is the second time I have informed you of my predicament. Do you have any updates? Will KK AMAZON OR WALMARTHH AMAZON give me back my money?

It seems that both websites of KK AMAZON AND WALMARTHH AMAZON are down and cannot be reached. Thankfully, I have all the screenshots and the report I filed.

How to file a complaint against KK AMAZON/WALMARTHH AMAZON?

* Go to page
* Write KK AMAZON/WALMARTHH AMAZON in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from KK AMAZON/WALMARTHH AMAZON.

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