Klazina Consultant Pvt. Ltd – Compliant against m/s klazina consultants ltd., mr. Alowk rustagi, md & ceo, Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Mr. Deepak Verma request for refund

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Reported By: pooja.dogra@gmail.com

Contact information: Klazina Consultant Pvt. Ltd

Dear Sir,
I booked a plot in the Neemrana Gateway project of Klazina Consultants Limited 204, 2nd Floor Tower A IRIS Tech Park Sohna Road Gurgaon-122001 Haryana in the year 2013. Company. Offered payment plan of “BUYBACK POLICY” under which they gave in writing that they will buyback the booked plot after 24 months or later on with the appreciation of 15% / annum on the amount invested with the company. I paid Rs. 9.45 lakh through cheques and cash. But after 24 months on July 11, 2015 Company asked me to submit a self written application for the refund of amount under buyback policy and asked me to wait for 90 days. I submitted an application for refund and waited for 90 days. After 90 days, I continued to request the company to refund my amount.

Almost after ten months, on contacting, the company staff Ms. Jyoti Sharma assured me again that they will return my payment in April 2016 as per buyback policy in writing but they did not return my payment. Instead, Ms Jyoti told me to sell my plot myself through any dealer and take refund which was not as per the original agreement.

I pleaded to the company that I had booked my plot directly through your company staff Ms.Jiya Rajput and with a comitment that company will buy back and refund my payment. I have visited them several times only to get another date for payment.

On my last visit Ms. Jyoti & Mr. Deepak told about my payment, but Mr. Deepak also commit me they will be return my payment before 15th May 2016 after discussion with his advocate and Boss Mr. Alowk Rastogi and also told me that I can not do anything against company.

Inspite of my several visits and request, the matter still remains unsettled.

I request your good offices to help me get my hard earned money back from Klazina Consultants Limited and oblige. I am sure there are more people like me who are being harrassed by Klazina and a huge amount of money of innocent individuals is being held by this company.

I herewith lodge a coplaint and request you to kindly file my FIR against KLAZINA CONSULTANTS and their owners, directors and employees, names of few are mentioned below for your kind reference.

Mr. Alok Rastogi,
Ms. Jyoti Sharma,
Mr. Deepak Verma.

Sincerely yours
Pooja Dogra

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