konfyans soft technology chennai – fake company

konfyans soft technology No.1 fake company in chennai, they will ask money first (or) they won’t give salary (or) company not yet MCA registered .They are cheating people Hr name :.Kumar TWO M.D-one name is Ramki, &santhosh both are running more then three companies in chennai

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  1. Hey Guys!! I worked at Konfyans from October 10th. November 5th only company registered in M.C.A. So how those Guys get 1 year experience here. Ha ha ha so funny. All the positive comments posted above were fake. Don believe it. If you know anyone working there just enquire. You will get all details clearly. Any doubt post your number. Ill contact.

  2. Konfyans is a fake company.there are no projects running and they won’t give salary also.Ramke and Rajesh are the managing director of the company.Rajesh and Ramke are friends.Ramke have already cheated many people before.dont trust this company there are already have salary problem if anyone don’t believe just go and enquire the staff working. I have more proof for everything if anyone in need post ur number I will inform you.

  3. HI all,
    I was working in konfyanssoft for past 3 months, no issues is going on here. They will pay our salary on time, training and projects are going on. People who the hell to say a fake complaint of Konfyans soft. Do the thing as you known well,don’t create any bad issues guys.

    1. Hey I was working in Konfyans soft Technologies only. Who said projects going? This is career spoiling company. Who are you first?? Idiot

  4. This company Started 1 months before only.Ramki and santhosh are MD of Konfyanssofttech.in first they asking to money.important thing they dont have any projects to run their company.they are simply training their candidate.so dont Trust this company.Its true dont waste money and time.Rajesh is aslo one of MD.he say that its us based cmpany but damn lie.

  5. Konfyans is very good company, i had gud experience here and i gained gud network knwoledge. small company but have a chance to learn lots. thank you.

    1. Hi, i am very glad to inform to all that i got selected in Wipro as a software developer with 9lakhs CTC, and i am very thankful to konfyans soft technologies where i worked since 1yrs and learned so many things very very thanks all of you.

    2. Mayira good company. Their is only one router switch. In that what you learnt?? Company started by October only. Registered on November 5.