Kryptonsoft – fraud company never pays salary to its employee

this is fraud company, this company has not client only they know how to take work from employee and then give bump pe lat, it never pays sallrry to employee when the ends of month come sir and his wife not come for first 10 days, i m naveen the marketing person of the company trust if you want the infomation call me
but dont join this company please

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  1. yes this is fraud company, dont join this, really true, it never pays sallry to employee after taking work from them, i sufferd a lot dont join

  2. i also used to work in krryptondsoft. totally fake company.. i really had worst time of my life iin this company.. training is waste.. dont pay anymoney.. i got cheated by these cheaters..worst time in my life is in this cmpany.. they ruin my life..