Labelle banjara hills – worst experience ever

ent to Labelle banjara hills recently and its been the worst experience ever. They spoke well till I payed them and then the doctor started shouting at my over not taking care of my face. When I told her that she was being rude she said I don’t know how you’re brought up but I was not being rude I was only concerned. Such arrogance and no apology for her behavior .
Please everyone stay away from that place. Even the prime minister may not speak to a beggar they way she spoke.

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  1. Hi every one, Akansha here, I went to labelle for mole removal program. Now the result is unanimous, they removed my mole on face completely. And even I cant find any kind of mark over there and the cost of service is worthful. Thats why My strong suggestion is Labelle for any kind of skin issues. Now am so much happy. Thank you Labelle and Banjarahills team