NV – Fraud – Did not refund my money

Reported By: Aishwarya Sitharam

Contact information: NV

In June 7, 2018, I had booked an international flight on Bravofly which is part of a Netherlands listed ( Following are the offences:
1. OVERCHARGING : They first over charged me for the flight (INR 55028 instead of INR 52681 as per the Booking Confirmation).

2. FRAUDULENT CLAIM THAT BANK OVERCHARGED : They blamed my bank for overcharging and asked me to figure it out with the bank. My bank confirmed that had overcharged and refunded the difference of INR 2347 to me. The bank also managed to win the dispute and recover the difference from This proves that misrepresented that they didn’t overcharge and the bank was responsible.

3. CANCELLATION FRAUD : On July 2, 2018, I initiated a cancellation due to change in travel plans. gave me a quote of USD 637.72 after deducting all charges including its own cancellation charges. I could cancel within 72 hours of the email and the quote would be valid. I cancelled within that timeframe but I did not get any email from I even took a screenshot of the cancellation as I didn’t trust the agency. I called their customer care and asked them to confirm on the recorded line that my cancellation has been taken on record. I even asked them to share that information on email. The customer care dilly dallyed for over 1 hour to provide this confirmation and said I will receive an email confirmation as well in 24 hours. I received an confirmation for USD 572.06 instead of the USD 637.72 promised to me. When I asked for an explanation they said that they cannot provide any information till I withdraw my complaint with the bank. Why should I withdraw a complaint related to overcharging while booking when now I am asking why are they underpaying me on refund? Aren’t they two different transactions? The bank informed in October they had closed the dispute by recovering money from as they found that had defrauded them.

4. NOT REFUNDING MY MONEY : After several follow ups on email and calls to customer care, I received an email on January 5, 2019 that “NO REFUND IS POSSIBLE” Since the bank won the dispute and got a warning from the bank, they have now refused to give me the money they owed me!

3. HARRASSMENT SINCE JUNE 6, 2018 : It has been 265 days since my first complaint with this Group and the harassment continues. The customer care does not respond well on the call. All they say is some other team is looking into this and that they will get back but they don’t. After all this the fraudulet company has refused to refund the money they owe me. I need the USD 637.72 that was owed to me for the cancellation refund as well as compensation for mental harassment.

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  1. I tend to agree with you. I am sticking clear of slander by not saying they are fraudulent.
    I have booked two nights at Blackpool on 24th and 25th December. The lastminute system mimics the scam for stealing your money by having no online complaints procedure (also keeping the complaints system impossible to complete) and sending you off to pay for a phone call in which you are left hanging on the line then told to go back on line and complain which is impossible.
    Even if you were to defend this practice you would have to admit it is the worst company in the market.
    I supposedly have “free” cancellation but I am expected to pay for the phone calls. I am only down £34 or £35 thank God I did not book a flight or hotel.
    From now on its for me