lava – Worst service ever

On September 2014 I bought my lava iris x5 thinking that it will be the best of all the phone that I had….but after using it for a monthly slowly I did find myself wrong my all hope shattered..!! The device started hanging,heating up, and the most disappointing that when the battery reached 20% every time it would start countdown till 1 and then turn off…!!
WTF……!!! I thought it is minor problem but after that I took that to the service center hoping that they will fix all the problems but they didn’t I just saw they just did a factory data reset and returned it back. But the problem still remained.
I call the customer care no. But they did not even try to understand what I mean to say …they just continuously kept on saying they just give it to the service centre. I gave to the service center but they did nothing more again then a factory data reset and they changed the PCB. Lol after that more problem started arising.
Really very disappointed at this servicing .
Please some body help me. Or I have to start the campaign.

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