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Reported By: Rachel

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Lazda project Mumbai

Lazdaa project sent me WhatsApp for part time job on 11th July 2022 and i accepted by registration im their website according to the steps they sent on Whatsapp then they message me to install telegram app with the link so the trainer on telegram will guide me howto work step by step. Then they askesmw recharge Rs.100 initially and auto grab product onlline in website wherein they guided me for registration then.hey gave some task to complete like paying Rs 200. and get Rs. 160 commission plus earning for that completed task. its a task under commodity there are 2-3 products to buy with our recharge money wallet,if we fail to fulfill the payment for that product by paying the difference amount they freeze our money in their wallet along with our earnings and commission. At present they freezed my Rs.690000 plus Rs.36900. Now when.i told that i cannot pay the difference amount for that product, as i have no funds they are forcing me and replying that i cannot withdraw my money until i pay difference amount of around Rs. 300099. my huge amount is freezed in their system wallet. Request you to please help me to resolve this grave issue.

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