Lead Capital Services Ltd – Request for Register Complaint Againt M/S Lead Capital Services Ltd, Leadcapital Corp Ltd ( https://www.finq.com/ )


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Lead Capital Services Ltd
https:// www.finq.com/

I was checking price of investing.com for share/Stock market then found https://www.finq.com/ and register m self then received ac WHATSUP call from and And asked me to deposit some money and showed a dream plan that soon your profit will be double.
So that I have transfer Rs,8300 vide order no 1052829831on dated 26.10.2022 by UPI and this amount also reflecting on the website portal

But after the transfer amount I was unable to buy any share from the portal then I call to +447392556446, +447533766589 by whatsup calling because on this no I have received lot of call from the registering . After the collecting money ,company staff not response no reply my email as well as wahstup msg as per enclose some example

So Request for Register Against The M/S Lead Capital Services Ltd, Leadcapital Corp Ltd ( https://www.finq.com/ ) the organize doing networking & Froud in the world , flavoured scam and fraud to gamble plan by collection money under Dream plan of Share Market and investing and gaining more profit under flavoured dream plan
The appropriate company traps people on Google & investng.com by attractive advertising and show dream plan as subjected above
So humble request for recovering my hardcore money I will be thankfully to you

Your sincerely

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* Go to page
* Write Lead Capital Services Ltd in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Lead Capital Services Ltd.

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