Learn n Earn – Demanding money and blackmailing

Reported By: Pratiksha Sunil Salvi

Contact information:
Learn n Earn Four point,Vesu,Surat, Gujarat

I am a housewife and was searching for the work from home job so I applied for it on Quikr and after some days I received a WhatsApp message from Learn n Earn company. When I got to know that I have to pay for the work I was not interested to join but they somehow convinced me to register myself and so I sent all my details and documents to them accordingly without reading their terms and conditions. I got some issues with my phone so I had lost my contact numbers and after that I had forgotten about this. But yesterday evening on 4 June 2024 I received a WhatsApp message from Learn n Earn company that I have to pay for the money as I had disobeyed their terms and conditions and have to pay ₹7079 or if case exceeds I have to pay 60 -70k.
I can’t pay because I don’t work anywhere because of my kids and also we are facing serious financial problem.
And upon that this all has happened with me.

Cannot stop thinking about this very much worried about it.

So I am filling a complaint against Learn n Earn company.

How to file a complaint against Learn n Earn?

* Go to page
* Write Learn n Earn in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Learn n Earn.

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