Led Coder – totally fraud company.

Led Coder is totally a fraud company. I have paid Rs. 3500/- to get offline typing work from them. They send me pdf file containing 755 pages (ebook on SQL Server which is easily available on the internet) and as per my experience there is no need to convert it from PDF to DOC. Ye log bebkuf bana rehe hain. Required Accuracy level is 98% which is not possible for anyone in this world. Please do not join any company which ask for the registration payment in advance before work.

I submitted my work on time with 0% spelling mistakes. They said in the accuracy report that you have not alligned some titles in the centre of the page. So your work rejected. I typed 450 pages from pdf to doc format within 15 days (day/night working). I have called Ledcoder on the given mobile number so many times but they have not picked my phone. Is this the way of working?

As per my opinion Ledcoder is a totally fraud company.

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  1. Even I got this ebook for SQL server 2005 750 pages. I had doubt on this. but still thought will try it out.

    We should not leave this cheaters. They will go on cheating people. We should complain to police.

    1. Yes, i will support to you. i am also waiting a person to put police case against them because i dont know procedure to put case. please leave your phone number for contacting.

      If any person want to put up a case (especially who has courage) and give support, Please do contact me 9908766622. so that we will start process to file the case..