Lehenga Designers Pvt Ltd – Fraud conducted by DIVYA BOOK CO

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Posted On: 02/09/2016
Reported By: Sushree Upasana

Contact information: Lehenga Designers Pvt Ltd
New Delhi

I have received a package of books which i had never ordered and since i was out of town it was received by some of my father’s colleagues .we were made to pay rs2320 whereas the book is not even worth rs100.the concerning matter is that i had never ordered the book and this is a fraud being conducted by divya books co (if the company is not fake) with most of the people .i believe divya books co should pay a compensation to all the people against whom they are committing the fraud, over and above the money they have already paid, to have put us through this hassle so that they don’t repeat the fraud anymore

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