Lester Infoservices – Turbhe Navi Mumbai – Harassment of employees

To, Date: 1st November 2014 Rajeev Samant, CEO – Lester Inc Nikhil Kothari, CEO – Lester Inc Turbhe, Navi Mumbai

Sub: Resignation

Dear Sir,
I, Ambar Hardy (Emp ID: 14090098) would like to resign from your esteemed organization due to numerous reasons which are mentioned in later part. Presently, I am working as Sr. Process Associate at GuruAid-Sales since 22nd Sep 2014.

1. Poor Management: Ever since I joined Lester Inc I have witnessed a very poor management be it in training, operations or Admin. There is clearly no “Point of Contact” for the employees. In last 39 days I really could not feel that management really exists in Lester Inc. I believe the Training Manger i.e. Mr. Parvez Navroz should have tried to build a rapport with us during training instead he was nowhere to be seen. Lester is an”Incorporation” I believe but there seem to be no Management culture over here.

2. Cafeteria Issues: Almost everyone in Lester knows about the poor quality of food served in cafeteria even then vendor is not replaced. I have seen numerous people feeling nausea after consuming cafeteria food. There is even no hygiene and proper seating facilities. The entire cafeteria is a complete mess. I have worked in numerous Contact centres since last 3 years but this cafeteria is the worst one as it has no Coffee/ Tea vending machines, Microwaves, clean water stations and numerous other things. Smoking zone is just next to Cafeteria due to which non-smokers are forced to inhale the smoke of cigarettes. I have also seen rats & lizards in cafeteria vicinity; it may also lead to food poisoning.

3. Employee exploitation: Sales is the backbone of GuruAid, everyone knows that even then Sales employees are exploited and harassed by the management just to cut costs. Lester is a first contact centre where Diwali was celebrated without involving the hard working employees. There was just some cheap decoration done on the floor and nothing else. New employees are forced to deliver high performance without proper training and resources. The employees here don’t feel proud to say “I work at Lester”, it’s because there is nothing to feel proud of. My batch started on 22nd Sep at 9:00 am and two weeks later I am suddenly shifted to 1:00 am graveyard shift, how can you just expect people to suddenly adapt in new timings, had it been a systematic change in shift timing we could adapt somehow.

4. Transportation Issues: One in every two employee of Lester Inc is not satisfied with transportation facilities, the transport vehicles are in pathetic conditions and also there are rude drivers who have a foul mouth. Even if the transport is late, employee has to bear the wrath of salary cut. If you ever try to complain the admin helpline, it is always busy or not reachable.

5. Lack of Proper communication between Employees and Mangers: There is absolutely no platform where the employees who are the bottom of hierarchy can have a word with management. Recently, Training Head i.e Parvez Navroz announced that we will get a double pay on 2nd October but the HR said there is no double pay for new employees. WFM manager Milan Thomas thinks 10 times before allotting a break to an employee who has been working non-stop since last 5 hours. HR help desk has no-one at Graveyard shifts, how will the employees share their grievances. Also there is no work-place anti-harassment team, no Single of Contact (SPOC) for any department, a weak Employee Relation team (which is nowhere to be seen). The entire middle level management is in a complete mess, I would request you to please look into this matter at SOS basis. Employees are asked for a feedback before paying the salary not after the salary. I have also seen numerous cases where employee’s salary has been put on hold just to stop attrition.

6. Workplace Environment: The workplace environment is directly related to employee physical & mental health. Firstly, Lester Inc is located in Turbhe and is surrounded by numerous chemical industries which Is directly affecting the health of Employees. Recently, a chemical factory adjacent to Lester Inc released some chemical emission which made some of our colleagues sick. The operation floor is also untidy with lots of dirt and inferior quality of seating facility. The washrooms are in complete mess with no tissue-papers, choked toilets, inferior quality of hand-wash, malfunctioned wash-basins. Lester Inc is the first BPo which I have seen has no Wellnees room in case the person falls sick, No recreation room, No Doctors, No helth check-ups for employees. I believe the organization should focus more on employee relations rather just demanding for sales and profit maximization. Also Indian Companies Act has also asked every organization to setup Corporate Social Responsibility Department for social development which is nowhere to be seen in Lester Inc. The Reception area has no proper seating facilities, no magazines/ Newspapers.

There are numerous other issues which even you know but you are ignoring/ avoiding/ delaying just to cut costs. Please see the stats that how many employees have quit from Lester Inc in past 1 year and for what reason. I am not against the organization but I am against the people who are responsible for making the things worse in organization. Lester Inc is the best paying organization in market but I would recommend you to connect with employees at least once in a year.

Thanks & Regards
Ambar Rai Hardy

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